Tandem is a team of hard working real estate developers, construction managers, architects and property managers. We develop lasting relationships built on trust, quality, and focusing on the long term. We encourage autonomy and a culture where the best ideas win.


TANDEM noun tan· dem | \ ˈtan-dəm:
Two or more people working together to achieve a common goal.


Tony Andrews

Director of Construction

Dimitri Nassis

Director of Development

Christopher Walsh

A.L.A., Principal Architect

Sean Staunton

Director of Special Projects and Service

Jeffrey Hreben

Senior Development Manager

Joseph Caucas

Development Manager

Pat Cox

Senior Project Manager

Kevin Henning

Project Executive

Phil Wagner

Project Manager

Mike Zemanek

Construction Manager

Tianyi Pan

Project Engineer

Rafal Barabas

Project Engineer

Michael Prohov

Design Manager

Ken Svoboda

Construction Manager

Glenn Miles

Director of Public Projects

Kerry Fisers

Senior Accounting Manager

Chris Wood


Peter Szczelina

Project Architect/Manager

Taylor Schaub, AIAS, Assoc. A.I.A

Architectural Associate

Mariel Rodriguez

Director of Management

Alex Fenton

Property Administrator

Kaitlyn O’Callaghan

Property Manager

Eric Deegan

Property Manager

Jessica Goodnight

Property Manager

Nicole Goodnight

Leasing Manager

Shahid Rivera

Leasing Agent

Marco Saldana

Leasing Agent

Ryne Malonzo


Albert ‘Al’ Brown

Lead Concierge

Fabian Surman

Maintenance Engineer

Raymund Voltin

Resident Services Coordinator

Manuel Hernandez

Assistant Building Engineer